Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the BirthBuddy FDA approved?
    The BirthBuddy is a non-prescription, non-invasive birth support tool, so it does not require FDA approval.
  • Why is the BirthBuddy designated as a “Single Use” tool?
    The BirthBuddy is designated as a “Single Use” tool because it is made from a porous material that helps gripping it without slipping.  If it comes into any contagion from the new mom, it may absorb it.  Since we are still in the process of finding a way to clean the BirthBuddy from possible contagion, we have designated it as “Single Use” to prevent the spread of any potential contagion. This, however, is not meant to keep the new mom from using it for postpartum exercises since she is the only one who will have used her BirthBuddy.

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  • Do I need a prescription, or permission from my doctor, to use the BirthBuddy?
    Certainly not.  There are no limitations on the new mother bringing the BirthBuddy with her to her birth.  Birthing rooms are not designated as sterile, so birth mothers can bring almost anything they wish with them to their birth.  We obviously recommend sharing the BirthBuddy advantages with your health care professionals prior to birth if that is possible.

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  • How will the nursing staff know how to use it if they have never seen a BirthBuddy before?
    Health care professionals in Labor and Delivery immediately understand the use of the BirthBuddy tool as soon as they see the instruction video or the written instructions.  If the new mom does not have the written instructions with her, any smart phone or computer can be used to instantaneously look at the instruction video on this BirthBuddy Website. The staff’s reaction is usually, “Wow, what a great idea."

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  • What if I order a BirthBuddy and then get one as a gift?
    Any BirthBuddy may be returned for a refund if the sealed packaging covering it has not been opened.  Once opened, there is no way to determine if it has been used or not. There is a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) page on this BirthBuddy Website.

  • Does my health care professional get paid for recommending the BirthBuddy tool?
    By recommending the BirthBuddy support tool, your health care professional is doing you a wonderful favor. They are not paid for recommending a BirthBuddy.  However, when you enter their Advocate Priority code, or their name, on your order, they receive an entry into a drawing for a major yearly prize.  That’s a wonderful favor for the new mom and a small favor for the Advocate.

  • What evidence is there that the BirthBuddy tool works as intended?
    There have been informal, but no formal trials using the BirthBuddy.  The informal trials have resulted in uniform praise for the effectiveness of the BirthBuddy tool.  The most common comment from health care professionals is, “Why didn’t I think of this?”  The BirthBuddy is not a revolutionary idea.  It is simply a major improvement over past methods to get the birth mother to push in the most effective way possible.  When that occurs, it has been estimated that the time of natural birth can be 30% to 50% faster, especially for the 80% of moms who have been given an epidural.  The concept behind the BirthBuddy is over a thousand years old, but before the BirthBuddy, the technique was never perfected.  That is why a very strong patent has been issued for the uniqueness of the BirthBuddy birth support tool.

  • If I don’t have a BirthBuddy, will the hospital or birth center have one to use?
    The BirthBuddy is a very personal device, so your hospital or birth center may or may not choose to supply one for you.  We encourage the new mom to acquire one prior to her birth so that she can use it for prenatal exercises, and then keep it after her birth for her postpartum exercises.

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