HealthCare Advocate Program

If you are a Birth Educator, Independent Birth Advisor, Doula, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, Physician's Assistant, or Physician, we invite you to become an Advocate for the BirthBuddy birth support tool. You will be doing your patients a wonderful favor by being an Advocate. And, if you should win the Advocate yearly prize, you will be greatly rewarded as well.

Once you become an Advocate, you will receive a unique Advocate Priority Code. Each time your patients/clients place an order using either that code, or your name, you will receive an individual entry into a major yearly prize. To start, you will also receive two BirthBuddy birth support tools for the price of one (including free shipping on both). You will also be supplied free brochures to give to your patients/clients.

Please complete an Advocate application, by clicking on the Application page below. Once we have validated your professional standing, a simple agreement will be sent to you for your review and acceptance. Details of the program will then be presented for your consideration. We are confident that you and your patients will be delighted with our program.