The Birth of the BirthBuddy®

    “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Since the dawn of time, little or nothing new has been introduced to help mothers push more effectively through the "pushing" stage of labor.
Several years ago, our birthing professionals at Guardian BirthCare decided there had to be a better way to help mothers through that difficult stage of labor. More problematic, approximately 80% of expectant mothers now have an epidural, which decreases the ability to use the correct abdominal muscles that push the baby down the birth canal effectively. It is a known fact that if a mother in labor consistently uses the proper muscles during the pushing stage, the elapsed time for that stage of birth can be dramatically reduced. So began the search of exploring ways to get the mother to use the proper muscles in the proper positions.
It started by exploring with different methods that focused on getting the expectant mothers to use the proper abdominal muscles. It was found that the best, most effective method was for mothers to pull on some type of birth support tool at a certain angle.  That is when we decided that a tool needed to be invented for this exact purpose.  After many attempts to build exactly what we wanted, the BirthBuddy birth support tool was finally perfected. .
The BirthBuddy team was extremely happy that the mothers, doulas, nurses, midwives and physicians, who tried the final prototype in the delivery room, absolutely loved using it.