Below are four samples of the testimonials that we have received.


“I was having a very hard labor, and without the BirthBuddy I would have had a longer and more stressful labor. But thanks to my BirthBuddy, it put me in the right position to have my baby. I recommend it to everyone who is going into labor. Thank you again

New Mother


“The BirthBuddy was just what my patient needed. She was having difficulty learning how to push, and her labor stalled. The BirthBuddy helped her to accomplish a natural birth. Many patients can benefit from this very useful device.”

D.D., M.D.
Family Practice Physician


"The BirthBuddy is a great device I use with women who are having a difficult time understanding which muscles to use when pushing during the second stage of labor. It is often the "missing piece" that helps a woman get through the toughest part of labor, especially for first time moms and for women with an epidural. I have used the BirthBuddy when all else has failed (including position changes and careful coaching) with great results! I highly recommend having them on every labor and delivery floor and birth center, as well as one in your home-birth supply kit."

Certified Nurse Midwife



"First, I wanted to say that just having the BirthBuddy and reading the material that explained how to use the BirthBuddy gave me confidence. It can be a confusing and anxiety producing event to be pregnant for the first time and not know what to expect in the birth/labor process but reading the material and looking at the pictures of how to use the BirthBuddy gave me greater peace of mind, and confidence that I could get through the process.

I looked at the pictures and I thought, "Hey, I can do that. That doesn't look so hard. I just put my feet here and pull. I can do this." I think that having confidence and being at peace is such an important outlook to have when going into labor and really bears fruit in the birthing process. I really want to underline this point as having that confidence which I gained from having the BirthBuddy and reading the material was really a turning point for me and helped me be more at peace leading up to labor and delivery.

After I was finally dilated and ready for the pushing part, I told the nurse and midwife about the BirthBuddy that I had brought with me and showed them the material which explains how to use it. They were both supportive of using the Birth Buddy and seemed quite excited about it.

When I used the BirthBuddy, my husband held on to the other end. He had read the instructions beforehand. It was good for him to have an opportunity to help me out in a practical "hands on" way.

The BirthBuddy was one of the main ways I used to push. I probably used the BirthBuddy for about a third of the whole time while I was in the pushing phase. It was a long difficult labor and the baby's head was "sunny side up" so it made it more difficult to push her out.

Finally, when I had pretty much given up on the idea of getting her out naturally, and was resigned to having the vacuum extraction, I said a prayer with my husband, and gave one really big push and I think the baby moved her head because she shot out really quickly. I know the BirthBuddy helped and ultimately I was able to push the baby out naturally without a vacuum extraction and we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl named Grace.

So, my experience with the BirthBuddy was very positive from the confidence it gave me going into labor and delivery, affording my husband the opportunity to help in a hands on way, and overall helping with pushing the baby out.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try a prototype of your new BirthBuddy birthing device!

Many blessings and prayers,"



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